vDarkness Rising

Chapter 4: The Plane of Nature

Scene One "Menagerie and Mayhem"


After receiving word of what the three trials entail, the party decides to take on the most difficult in their opinion, making headway with both the seelie and unseelie courts, by completing a task for each side.

The Test of Will- make an alliance with both the seelie and unseelie courts.
The Test of Reflex- take on elemental form and defeat other elementals, retrieving an elemental icon, without falling of the cliffs of madness.
The Test of Fortitude- live as a creature of the fey, and defeat the formorians.

The group has seemed to have lost their halfling companion, only to find out that he has communed with a menagerie of creatures who tell him of his race’s history, and that he is the last of his kind, a shapeshifter from the Plane of Nature. Orias transforms from a rabbit back into halfling form, but they accept him still and the party carries on with their task at hand.
The party searches for quite some time, but after a crazy amount of seeking has finally found a treant that will send them on a mission to catch a fish and bring it back to him, to gain favor with the seelie court. A fashioning of a fishing pole, two ferrets, a mermaid, a woodcutter, a medusa, and a girl child later the group finds their fish and return it to the treant’s grove for the first half of their medallion. Now onto the unseelie.
Upon reaching their destination, sent fro the druid circle, the rescued girl child turns into a hellish demon, but is sent away back to her plane by a black unicorn who was met earlier on the party’s path. Later finding out it was Gaedeon himself, the group takes his advice and heads down a different path, leading them to the entrance of the unseelie city. Two sets of satyr guards, an oversized satyr, and the queen of the unseelie later, they receive thier mission to head through a portal leading back to Aeshar, the city they started in. They need to save the life of Sorannon’s aunt, who turns out is burning up in her tree-house along with most of the rest of the city. It is all a ruse, as his aunt dies by a frost elemental sent by Maeve, the queen of the unseelie, part of a prophecy to pass along Bellmora’s powers. The illusion ends and the group are ported back to Aeshar far from the unseelie city, medallion in hand a reward from Maeve for completing her task.
Back in Aeshar, they are met with sadness by Ketari and Tangina, but it is explained that all of this was part of the two tasks, and it is all part of a prophecy passed down by Feylira herself.



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