vDarkness Rising

Chapter 2: The Desert

Scene One "A Trek to the Ancients"


The party begins their day by starting their travels to T’alos. Along the way they are set upon by bandits, and an unlikely ally shows up starting to rip out hearts and sap life forces. The shadow then turns on Sorannon, but leaves instead of harming the party. It is starting to take form. The stop in T’alos seems fruitful, as the party meets a few new people and has a couple magic items identified, buying camels, and getting supplies. Leaving out the next day, towards the end, the group finds a cave, inside what appears to be water. Velora knows the water is tainted, and rummages around the small cave to find an elven body. He wrote danger on the wall, and Velora takes his left-behind shiny bright dagger as a souvenir. They escape the cave quickly when they realize the place is a trap. Outside a skin of blood is found in the corner, there was a party going on here, at least 7 people and mounts, maybe a fight. Moving on, a few more days later and into the red sands of the Lands of the Sun, our brave heroes notice the grand dwarven construction lining the mountains, in large metal door-work. A large section of white sand fashioned in front of the towering 100 foot high doors in a half circle upon the ground. A gong is to the left of the doors. Moving on they come across an identical setup nearly a daylater. The last day, they see a different setup leading inside the mountain. When they enter the patch of white sand, they are instantly transported to a jungle-like arboretum, and met by an ancient female who takes them into a living space to meet up with Sorren DuVlas, who is out traveling. They are introduced to the woman as Veronica, and she introduces them to Gregor another ancient. Sorren comes along shortly, takes the heart, leads them to a chamber down a dark passage to the body of a dead vampire. His chest is opened up. With Sorren and Sorannon’s blood the heart comes to life and Sorren talks the reluctant Sorannon into awakening his dead father Kanen with the heart. It is discovered that there is a child-like vampire possibly at work here who might be involved in the heart-ripping and attacks on the Illyndyr estate, and the shrine of Ladea. Kanen awakens hungry and thirsty, recognizing his son, he tries to be released. The group realizes he is still quite evil and retire back to the living area to plan out their next move.



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