vDarkness Rising

Chapter 5: New Beginnings

Scene One "Awww...Flowers, You Shouldn't Have"


A orshian shows up to town after the formorian showdown, confronting the party about their removal of fire flower from their turf. In exchange for assisting him, Leyo the orshian agrees to let the party keep some fire flower if they will assist him on a sojourn to his god’s santuary so he may leave an offering. It is also stated that this place is immune to the reaches of the fey, including any of their powers, which lead the party to believe that the effects upon Orias might end. They agree to his terms and set off for Orsh. Once in Orsh, they realize that Leyo is a blacksmith and armorer, and that he may be able to custom fit an existing set of platemail for Sorannon. They head out the next day for Obun’s Sanctuary. On the trail they are attacked during the night by allosaurus (dinosaurs), during their rest.



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