vDarkness Rising

Chapter 4: The Plane of Nature

Scene Two "While You Were Sleeping"


The party is woken by the residents of Aeshar only to realize that the last mission they completed for the unseelie was in fact a dream. Sadly they are unable to awake Orias, so they leave him there with Tangina. Belmirra is still alive! They seek out the cleric in Aesharia to see if he can do anything, he cannot. They seek the wizard in Qara, and he also cannot do much for them but leads them in their mission against the formorians. They succeed, but realize that not having Orias there made it much harder. Velora, in the future will be shambling mound rather than a triceratops and now she needs a cure for the curse of the evil eye one of the formorians gave her. Earlier, they collect some fireflower root for an alchemist they traded theit bracers of archery with in exchange for potions. During their collecting, they are spotted by some orshians (a cat-like race of humanoids) and turn and run away back to Qara. End scene.



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